Aug 2012

2012 Drive Breast Cancer Awareness Team HerHighway>

HerHighway.com is a team of female automotive experts on a mission to empower women with bumper-to-bumper automobile knowledge and everything along the way.  HerHighway created the “Drive Breast Cancer Awareness”campaign in 2011. “Our group enjoyed an exhilarating driving experience in vehicles courtesy of Acura, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Honda and Jeep,” said HerHighway Editor in Chief and National Female Automotive Expert, Christina Selter, “we are so excited for the 2012 national drive”.

The 2012 event is schedule for October National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,  with more then 100 women participating;  journalists, social media, motorsports, executives from automotive, lifestyle, health, beauty, fitness and fashion.  Half of the women will be on road trip the other half are running social media from home, together they are unstoppable.  “I am extremely excited to be part of this amazing campaign.  What an opportunity to experience and share this initiative with my fellow friends and bloggers.  When we band together to make a difference, women can do incredible things. I’m thrilled to partner with Her Highway and the other inspiring women on the team.” Said Ann Tran top social media adviser.

Top social media women have joined forces with HerHighway to help the drive teams push out photos, video and content including tweet ups daily in different cities across the nation.  Top female motorsport and automotive experts will be navigating the teams all along the route from CA to NYC.

September 2012 will launch “win a seat” on a drive team with video upload to herHighway’s YouTube page and tell us “why you think you should be on a drive team”.  Winners will be selected to participate on the road and home base team members.


Follow the event on twitter @herHighway and Facebook be sure to use the #herHighway hash-tag.

Here are some of the amazing women that will be on the drive teams check out all the women on our features section:

Social Media Advisers
Ann Tran, twitter followers 322,525
Zipporah Sandler, twitter followers 73,586
Joyce Cherrier, twitter followers 53,269
Amy Neumann, twitter followers 41,894
Misty Belardo, twitter followers 37,380
Peggy Fitzpatrick, twitter followers 26,965
Monica Vila, twitter followers 22,974
Sandi McKenna, twitter followers 20,469
Michelle Kay, twitter followers 11,380

Automotive Journalists
Christina Selter, HerHighway & Host
BJ Killeen, Drivers Talk
Cathy Droz, Two for the Road
Nina Russin, Carspondent
Jill Ciminillo,  Chicago Now
Linda Water Nelson, Inside Out TX
Joanna Holt, Dallas news
Valerie Menard, Decisive Latino

Judy Stropus, Retired Indy Crew Member/JVS Enterprises
Anne Proffit, Motorsports and Automotive Journalist
Shea Holbrook, Sports Car Racing
Ashley Van Dyke, AVD Motorsports

Photos are courtesy from the 2011 Drive Breast Cancer Awareness click here for details.