Dec 2011

2013 Ford Transit Ability to Withstand a Curb Jump>

DEARBORN, Mich., Dec. 7, 2011 – The ability to withstand a curb jump thousands of timesis not a typical vehicle requirement.

However, Ford is building a new road at its Michigan Proving Grounds north of Detroit to make sure one of its newest vehicles can stand up to the rough use it is sometimes subjected to.

The new Transit van, a predecessor of which is available in Europe, will eventually replace the venerable Econoline wagon and van in North America. The Transit will be a truly global cargo and people hauler with improvements in handling, fuel economy and technology.

“The new Transit will be the smartest, most fuel-efficient way to move cargo or people,” said Tim Stoehr, Ford Commercial Truck Marketing manager.

Next year, the optimized Transit will be put through three months of intense durability testing including climbing the curbs on the specialized test road at the proving grounds. The Transit will climb the curbs thousands of times on top of navigating the bumpy and pothole-ridden road surface vehicles are sometimes required to endure.

A similar test road exists in Belgium, which Ford has used to test previous European models of the Transit.

Photo is the 2012 Ford Transit Connect from Ford and to read the full press release on Ford.com