Nov 2011

Burning Rubber to SEMA “Hottest Shoes” Cross the Finish Line>

Ford Focus packed – check, fuel – check, water – check; Vegas bound, at the drop of the checkered flags, before the sun came up we were off. No idle here, full throttle along the long dusty dessert drive, high winds red alert, but that didn’t slow us down. As for any good race HerHighway was bound and determined to beat the MotorTrend Photographers to the SEMA finish line.

Skidding across the finish line to the Las Vegas Hilton just after 11am more then 30 minutes ahead of the MT Boys. Wearing four-inch heels we hit the ground running while tweeting about our victory to the finish line. SEMA begins with a quick stop to grab our media badges running into such legendary automotive icons like Perry Stern MSN Auto’s Editor and EasyCare®’s Vice President, Ira Gabriel, what an amazing way to start the day.

First stop on the show floor was CooperTire then off to one of my favorite aftermarket groups MOPAR. By building three I begin to think, “gosh should I have worn my flip flops or tennis shoes?” As I tour the South, Central and North buildings, back and fourth on the sky walk then up and down the stairs I realize the heels may not make it across the finish line as the “Shoe” for SEMA awards. Women want to know which cars have the most accessories (bling) to choose from so off to the Hottest Cars of the year Awards.

While thousands of products are available for every make and model vehicle, exhibitors are investing more into the Hottest Winners than any other vehicle. Consumers, therefore, can expect to find more options for accessorizing these vehicles, so ladies get out there and accessories your Fiats, demonstrate your unlimited potential for customization with automotive bling. “As the visionaries and innovators of the industry, our SEMA Show exhibitors determine the winners of the SEMA Award based on the vehicles they showcase in their booths,” said Chris Kersting, SEMA president and CEO. “With each booth vehicle representing one vote, the most prominent models in each category are the winners. The SEMA Award celebrates these outstanding vehicles that emerge each year at the show.”

Cue drum roll please; ba dump dump chshshshshshshsh, SEMA Hottest Car, Truck and Jeep all very exciting, but the HOTTEST SPORT COMPACT CAR got my motor revving at full throttle, wait for it….. 2012 Fiat 500 takes top honors as the Hottest Sport Compact Car of the year and actually went perfectly with my shoes.

With my feet puffier the Michelin Man we had one more stop, the VIP event of the year, no crashing here we were invited. Greeted by Kimatni Rawlins President of Automotive Rhythms, one quick interview about the Black Magic shinny, spacious 2012 Hyundai Veloster what a ride.

That’s a wrap “this Automotive Czar just can’t shut up when it comes to cars and then again why should I, see ya’ll next year minus the four-inch heels, I’ll be rocking the fivers”! Christina Selter, President and Editor in Chief HerHighway.