Jan 2012

Cold Icy Windshield Burrrr Vinegar to the Rescue!>

Vinegar is a great windshield de-icer, its eco friendly, pet and child safe. Plus you don’t have to put so much elbow into scraping your windshield, you can’t beat that for cold icy days.

So its frosty out, no scraping needed just use this handy recipe and poof wahlah and ahhhh no more icy windshield.

Easily spray your windshield, but don’t forget your side mirrors, side windows and rear window.

Easy and safe recipe to de-ice your windows:
One squirt bottle
1 1/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup water (mix is 3 to 1 ratio)

Other helpful uses for vinegar which is eco-friendly, pet and child safe:
Spritz car or house carpet pet stain like cat urine (1 to 3 ratio)
1 cup in a bowl to take bad smells out of the air like fish
1/4 cup in laundry soft, fluffy and stinky free
Spritz of vinegar/water sparkly glass (1 to 3 ratio)
Spritz the counter tops get rid of germs 1 to 3 ratio)
Clogged sink no problem vinegar/baking soda (1 to 3 ratio)