Mar 2013

HerHighway Day Trippin Aston Martin, La Jolla Hotel and Cusp>

HerHighway team drove the 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish for a cruise down the coast to Hotel La Jolla by Kimpton to enjoy a day with the handsome Chef Donald Lockhart of Cusp Dining and Drinks and asked twelve female journalist and Wade to join us. You ask who is the Wade? Is he a relative of the Bond – James Bond no he’s an intern from UTTV who filled in for the infamous Mark Maynard host of the San Diego Overdrive Show.

Now even though the sexy hot 007 couldn’t make it the Vanquish still had a great time with driving the ladies. It lists for just under $300,000 and is worth every dollar, it hand build in England even the glass buttons in the cockpit are handcrafted, the seats are more comforting then sitting on Bond’s lap not that we would have said no to Mr. 007 lap time. Speaking of lap time the Vanquish goes 0-62 in just over 4 seconds, which the ladies squealed with delight each time one of them took a ride around La Jolla with HerHighway editor Christina Selter (to learn more about the amazing Vanquish visit HerHighway 2014 review section).
The guests arrived they were swiftly whisked off on a tour of the newly renovated Hotel La Jolla by Kimpton. For those of you that have never stayed or visited a Kimpton hotel it is a must do! Each of the Kimpton hotels are designed by a different prominent designer, Hotel La Jolla was conceptualized by LA’s prominent designer Gulla Jonsdottir (Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Red O restaurant) and La Jolla’s Claude-Anthony Marengo, the hotel opened in August 2012 after a dramatic $4M transformation. The new coastal-chic boutique features 110 deluxe guestrooms, complete with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and daily sunsets.
The tour included visiting a few of the La Jolla Hotel themed rooms one was for romance with rose peddles, champagne and the other was yoga with mat set and yoga TV shows both rooms were so beautifully redesigned and balcony views of the ocean as far as the eyes could see.

Next we were escorted to Cusp Dining & Drinks and greeted by the handsome Chef Donald Lockhart. Cusp is Kimptons coastal Mediterranean restaurant, which is perched on the hotel’s 11th floor with a tantalizing view of the Pacific Ocean, just like the rooms as far as the eyes can see.
Chef Lockhart’s approach to cooking is simple: gather the best ingredients and allow them to shine. Using timeless techniques steeped in tradition, his food showcases subtle, yet flavorful dishes with clean presentations. On the menu, guests will find a variety of elements made fresh in-house, such as soft cheeses, cured fish, flatbreads and colorful pastas.

At Cusps Dining and Drinks we started with the mussels and then each of us ordered something off the menu including Melodie with her vegan meal – two thumbs up for Chef offering special meals for those who need them. Then he topped us off with desert, the photos of meals below is going to make you hungry so make your reservations today.

A very special thank you to the Kimpton team did a fabulous job; The Chef Donald Lockhart, Shannon Foster, Erin Guccion and Anna Crowe plus the female journalists in attendance; HerHighway Editor in Chief Christina Selter, MaryAnne Wendt PurpleWays.com, Brandy Shaffels AskPatty.com, Lori Moreno LoriMoreno.com, Lois Alter Mark StyleSubstanceSoul.com, Deanna Underwood MommyGaga.com, Melodie Tao MarketingMelodie.com our local Yoga Guru and Wade from UTTV for making HerHighway’s Aston Martin Vanquish “Day Trippin” to the La Jolla luncheon we are thrilled we could show you such an amazing vehicle, fabulous hotel and delectable meal, see you next time.

Written by: Christina Selter

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