Sep 2012

Drive Breast Cancer Awareness HerHighway Drive Team #8>

Gearing up for the 2012 National #HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness with the starting line in Southern CA September on September 25th all ten teams will drive across America to New York City.

The HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness all female drive teams are full of amazing women from automotive, motorsports, journalists, bloggers and social media adviser we would like to introduce you to Team Eight.

TEAM EIGHT: Jo Coddington, Espree Devora, Samantha Gluck, Sugar Jones and Julie Deily

Jo Coddington

Having the rare opportunity to be introduced to the Automotive, Racing world at a young age has granted me many opportunities, one very near my heart was being the proud life partner of Boyd Coddington. With his creative genius and amazing skills we worked, loved and played in the Hot Rod world for 12 years, having such amazing opportunities to travel around the world, meet people and see the wonders of the world.

Espree Devora

aka “the Girl who Gets it Done” is a business development and marketing strategist. She helps Start Ups create business systems and gain customer traction. In her early 20s she founded ZexSports, a digital media company that connected brands to youth through local action sports events. Now, a decade later, she has given talks on interactive content and social media to organizations such as CBS, South by Southwest Interactive, International Association of Skateboard Companies and USC Executive MBA. She reports on business growth and monetization for start ups, web apps and mobile apps for TechZulu.

Samantha Gluck

Entrepreneur and creative visionary, Samantha Gluck, spends her time and talents, focusing on the success of others – both that of her clients and her personal network of friends. With a background in hard science and finance, this born writer naturally gravitated toward the journalism and health care industries.

Sugar Jones

Took her love of new technology, hanging prepositional phrases, and witty snark and accidentally created a name and career for herself in social media. In her previous life, she worked in sales and marketing for the hospitality industry, and later became a corporate recruiter.

Julie Deily

Is a software engineer and is passionate about food, her pets and social media. She’s always volunteering, unable to say no especially if it’s something she cares deeply about it. She loves to organize events, in the past she has organized her 10-year high school reunion, has been on the planning committee for the Komen Central Florida Race for the Cure for the past three years and recently organized her second Food Blog Forum Orlando, a day-long seminar for food bloggers.