Sep 2012

Drive Breast Cancer Awareness HerHighway Drive Team #9>

Gearing up for the 2012 National #HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness with the starting line in Southern CA September on September 25th all ten teams will drive across America to New York City.

The HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness female drive teams are full of amazing women from automotive, motorsports, journalists, bloggers and social media adviser we would like to introduce you to Team Nine.

TEAM NINE: Jill Ciminillo, Louise LandSpeed, Henie Reisinger and Mary Anne Wendt

Jill Ciminillo

I am a runner, writer and an introvert …all relatively solitary things. Which is why I find it funny that I’m the social media director for a broadcasting company. Go figure that no one believes me when I say I’m shy. In another life, I was the online auto editor for The Chicago Sun-Times, and I still write regular reviews for DriveChicago as well as maintain an automotive blog for the Chicago Tribune called “Drive, She Said.”My newest bright idea is using myself as a unit of measure to describe trunk space.

Louise Ann Noeth “LandSpeed”

Louise Ann Noeth founded LandSpeed Productions in 1984 after years of freelancing where she had developed storytelling skill sets that included; creative writing, photography, stock library, fine art, graphic design and public relations. Ms. Noeth’s award-winning writing and photographic works have been published around the world in several languages.

Henie Reisinger

As a photographer and mixed-media artist, Henie Reisinger smiles when people praise her vision. Unknown to all but a few, Henie sustained a serious eye injury at one-year-old, leaving her left eye completely blind and her right eye with limited vision. As an artist, Henie considers her work post-visual; her focus is tapping into the core of matter, meaning and experience.

Mary Anne Wendt

A purple-loving techie Mom and Apple fanatic, MaryAnne is an early adopter of technology and applications. She applied her skills in website Project Management and Public Relations at several Internet start ups including the world’s first online casino and the largest Privately held ISP in the US at the time. An at-home Mom raising two girls, MaryAnne mentors her ten year old blogger @TinyTechie ( with the mission of promoting Internet Safety for kids. She also works from home as a Travel Planner focusing on Caribbean vacations and cruises.