Sep 2012

Drive Breast Cancer Awareness HerHighway Drive Team #10>

Gearing up for the 2012 National #HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness with the starting line in Southern CA September on September 25th all ten teams will drive across America to New York City.

The HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness female drive teams are full of amazing women from automotive, motorsports, journalists, bloggers and social media adviser we would like to introduce you to Team Ten.

TEAM TEN: Anne Proffit, Gina Mom, Madelyn Miller and Woodie Lesesne

Anne Proffit

As a kid, I knew exactly what the new cars were when they appeared on the road and graduated into knowing about race cars. My dad and I used to listen to the Indy 500 on the radio – before it started getting broadcasted – and I loved it! I played hooky to go watch races in high school and spent much of my formative, college career at Lime Rock Park, Bridgehampton and Watkins Glen.

Gina Mom

Is a Los Angeles-based social media consultant. She’s a Cambodian-American, born in Thailand, first settled in Virginia, but now a  bonafide southern California girl who hates extreme temps but loves traveling in climate-controlled vehicles. She graduated from UCLA years ago with a degree in English and a desire to be a writer. She was sucked into the world of social media marketing when just about any writing job she took had something to do with optimized online content, SEO, and social sharing buttons.

Madelyn Miller

Is a food, wine and travel writer who contributes to 12 Publications with a combined circulation of several million.  She was dubbed “THE TRAVEL LADY” at KDFW-TV, the Dallas Fox Station, where she frequently gives travel tips and advice. She was so well known, that she decided to use that name when she founded Travel Lady website, which now has over 200 contributors on six continents.

Woodie Lesesne

Lesesne Media Group/IN FOCUS Magazine