Sep 2012

Drive Breast Cancer Awareness Itinerary>

The 2012 Drive has been changed the first leg went from CA to Vegas on September 25th, please stay tuned for details in October.  LJ will be hitting the road in Christina’s seat.

The drive is getting closer and we wanted to share our tentative itinerary.  Long full days along the route with TweetUPs, Pit Stops, breakfast, lunch, dinner and tons of conversations.

Check our cities along the route and let us know if you want to attend a TweetUP in your area.  We will be updating the route over the next week to include our events and giveaways.

You will be able to meet Female famous Social Media Advisers, Race Car Drivers, Breast Cancer Survivors and cheer all of us along the route.  These brave women are all volunteering their time to make a difference for Breast Cancer Awareness across America.

The drive won’t be easy we’ll have to pack lite, share and all 50 drive team members with their at home team mates will be updating on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram: HerHighway, everyday all day long LIVE!