Sep 2012

Drive Breast Cancer Awareness HerHighway Drive Team #5>

Gearing up for the 2012 National #HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness with the starting line in Southern CA September on September 25th all ten teams will drive across America to New York City.

The HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness female drive teams are full of amazing women from automotive, motorsports, journalists, bloggers and social media adviser we would like to introduce you to Team Five.

TEAM FIVE: Judy Stropus and Lily Ashley

Judy Stropus

Author and script writer Brock Yates once described Judy Stropus as a “racing personality,” since her career in motorsports has covered a gamut of disciplines, including her “savant” ability to accurately time and score endurance sports-car races before the introduction of computers, driving race cars, and becoming an author and an award-winning public relations expert.

Lily Ashley

My name is Lily, also known as @Militaryfamof8, I am a 36yo Mom of 6 happy & energetic kiddos.  Have been married for 14 years, and have been a Military Wife for 13 of those years.  I am from California & now living in NY, where the kids & I are “trying” to make it a home  I love social media with a strong passion, it’s my outlet, my job, my hobby, and my voice.