Sep 2012

Drive Breast Cancer Awareness HerHighway Drive Team #6>

Gearing up for the 2012 National #HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness with the starting line in Southern CA September on September 25th all ten teams will drive across America to New York City.

The HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness female drive teams are full of amazing women from automotive, motorsports, journalists, bloggers and social media adviser we would like to introduce you to Team Six.

TEAM SIX: Sandi McKenna, Jeana Shandraw, Liv Violette and Jennifer Medeiros

Sandi McKenna

Is Co-host/producer of the MidLife Road Trip a popular web series about travel, food, adventure and the funny side of life.  With a professional background of 20+ years in marketing & public relations, Sandi has been referred to as the ‘Lois lane’ of Social Media because of a natural curiosity, a dogged determination and unstoppable spirit.

Jeana Shandraw

I’m crafty. I heart food and wine. I ride motorcycles. I bake cakes. I’m great at inventing more ways to create space where there was previously none. When I’m not busy being supermom to my 2 year old son, you might find me crocheting cute things to hide in Ben’s underwear drawer.

Liv Violette

Through THE MCLEAN PR GROUP,  I have produced a documentary promoting equal rights for women LADY TITANS: A TITLE IX VICTORY featuring Dominique Dawes and another documentary on sustainable living practices THE GREEN HOUSE featuring Phillip Cousteau.

Jennifer Medeiros

I am a Mommy blogger who loves Social Media, all things #tech, cooking & creating recipes, reading and getting lost. I have the travel bug, and I abuse Coffee to keep me going!

I live in Sunny Southwest Florida with my husband and 3 kids, Billy, Jakobi & Mason. We have an awesome Boston Terrier, Fenway, and are diehard RedSox fans.