Oct 2011

Driving Breast Cancer Awareness 2011 Event>

Nearly One Million Women will undergo Breast Surgery in 2011, impacting their lifestyles and families. In support of women nationwide, HerHighway has created the “Driving Breast Cancer Awareness” annual event.  The drive event was conceived and organized by, the Editor and female automotive expert from HerHighway.

HerHighway editor established “Driving Breast Cancer Awareness,” so women who cannot physically participate in the annual breast cancer walks can take part in this driving event. Due to her own recent breast surgery, she cannot take part in the walks this year. So on October 21 2011 during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month the HerHighway drivers from the automotive industry will drive from Santa Monica to Malibu and back helping to Drive Breast Cancer Awareness.

2012 Drive Breast Cancer Awareness starting line is Los Angeles California driving to NYC there are over 100 women signed up to participate. In the meanwhile HerHighway’s female automotive expert will work with fire departments nationwide to show women how to properly adjust their seat belts for optimal comfort and safety. Proper seat belt positioning is diagonally across the middle of the chest – directly between the cleavage – instead of cutting across the breasts. Seat, shoulder and lap adjustments are required to position the seat belt correctly.


• 92% of women admit to tampering or not wearing their seat belt

• 1 in 5 women complain of discomfort in their chest when wearing a seat belt

• 2011 New Breast Cancer (est) cases 230,480**

• 2010 Elective Breast implant surgeries 296,203*

• 2010 Elective Breast implant removals 21,714*

• 2010 Elective Breast lift (Mastopexy) 89,931*

• 2010 Reconstructive Plastic Surgeries 194,315*

A special thank you to our strategic alliances that helped out with the 2011 event; Acura, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Honda, Jeep, Apollo Tools, HauteToffee, Mothers Wax, Santa Monica Police & Fire Department along with Jessica Fini from Honda and Robin March from HerHighway.