Mar 2013

HerHighway Day Trippin 1998 Buick LeSabre to Irwindale>

The morning started off very early in the 1998 Buick LeSabre with Dynaride, you ask what is this Dyanride we’ll get back to that later.

First stop pick up MaryAnne and Adam for the trip to Irwindale Speedway and Event Center today is media day for the re-Grand Opening of the track. Lunch is included, so we should see plenty of old school retired car guys there to talk about “remember when, remember this or that and remember that race in 1850 (JK)”.

irwindale-anne-proffit-leah-dog-herhighwayIrwindale went though some ruff times speaking of ruff we got to dog sit Leah for a bit while Anne Proffit took HerHighway photographers right up front at the boarder to get some great shots.

christina-selter-herhighway-interview-ali afsharBut lets take a few steps back in time we arrived and parked the LeSabre at the drag strip as Christina our Editor was meeting the handsome Drag Racer Ali Afshar there for a quick interview on his way out of town.

We had scheduled this so many times during the Thursday night Drag Night filming of the new TV series One and Done, but never seemed to get these two there at the same time, the full interview in video for your viewing, but here are a couple of great photos our team grabbed.

This event started off with registration and media badges followed by a quick safety meeting then the practice runs on the track for photo opportunity and lunch. Lunch was catered in via a giant BBQ company of course we all had the sliders.
Now back to the Dynaride since this was an actual HerHighway Day Trippin outing we need to discuss this awesome trip. The two hour drive to Irwindale gave us plenty of time to look up all the unique features on this bad boy who is in top ship shape top of the line clean as can be. One owner with just over 30,000 miles on’er not one ding and smooth sailing with the Dynaride plus just in case you forget it does have “antilock breaks” it says so right on the dash.
All in all a great trip and glad to hear that Irwindale is back up and on the road to a successful 2013 race season!

Written by: Christina Selter