May 2013

HerHighway, LA Boxing & OCSD Team UP for Children Safety>

After the rescue of the Cleveland Kidnap Victims; Christina Selter from teamed up with LA Boxing in Lake Forest to host a FREE Children’s Self Defense Event on Saturday May 18th from 10am-2pm with free food, beverages, children’s self-defense demonstration classes taught by a real MMA fighter Johnny Cisneros and Safety Tips from the OCSD.

The event is free at LA Boxing 24320 Swartz Drive Lake Forest, CA 92630 just off the 5Fwy. It is open to the public and includes FREE self-defense class demonstrations, food & beverages from Salters & Buffalo Wild Wings, plus in the parking lot Custom Car Show with vendor booths including Sanctiond car care products, LA Boxing, Speakeasy Original, Sullen, and BigTrain. For more information visit and click on the event banner at the top.
“As a mom my goal is to take this event nationwide for all children to learn self-defense to help stop kidnapping”, said Christina Selter from Jim Amormino the PIO with OCSD agreed and stated “we need to empower children with the knowledge and tips to help keep them safer”.
LA-Boxing-children-self-defense-herhighway-1OCSD & HerHighway Tips for Kids:
~Always TAKE A FRIEND with you when walking, biking, or standing at the bus stop. Make sure you know your bus number and which bus to ride.

~Say NO if anyone you don’t know or a person who makes you feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused offers a ride. Do NOT accept a ride from anyone unless I have told you it is OK to do so in each instance.

~Quickly get away and yell, “THIS PERSON IS NOT MY MOTHER, FATHER, GUARDIAN” if anyone tries to take you somewhere or is following you. If anyone tries to grab you, make a scene and every effort to get away by kicking, screaming, and resisting.

~NEVER LEAVE SCHOOL GROUNDS before the regular school day ends. Always check with the office before leaving school early.

LAboxing-herhighway-boy-boxing-child-self-defense-2~NEVER take shortcuts or walk through alleys to get to or from school faster. We will talk about which way to go to and from school. Remind me if activities you participate in cause you to leave earlier or arrive home later than usual. Remember to call me once you have arrived home.

The event was a great success for all the kids, family and the food from BBWW was awesome! A big thank you to Sanctiond our premium sponsor for the car show shined beautifully.

The winners Johnny, Adam, Joker and more: