Sep 2012

LJ to the Rescue Slides into Christina's Seat>

The 2012 Drive has been re-routed the first leg went from Kia Motors in Irvine to Las Vegas, Nevada on September 25th with  LJ in the lead car.

LJ will be hitting the road in Christina’s seat to spread Drive Breast Cancer Awareness with the help of the lovely social media women hosting him along his ROUTE he will have plenty to eat and to share along the way photos, videos and special appearances.

Who would have thought that a rescue Hamster named LJ could come to the rescue after he was rescued by BJ @DriversTalk from the thrift store window where they made him dance around like a clown for tips.

LJ is taking Christina Selter’s seat and will be hosted along his route by the wonderful HerHighway team of women across America.

LG was a passenger in the lead car on September 25th from California to Las Vegas they raced Lamborghini Gallardo‘s at Exotic Racing on Las Vegas Speedway had lunch and raced Karts at Pole Position inside track both must do’s in Vegas Baby.  Upon his return to California as a team the women decided he would be the one to take Christina’s seat across America to Drive Breast Cancer Awareness.

Tailgating in Iowa at the Iowa Vs Penn State game, HipHopping in Tucson and Phoenix, Cruising through Florida, Georgia and Alabama and then a giant welcome home party in So Cal at the end of October.

“LJ is my hero, his travel across America will help promote breast cancer awareness and let people know they can visit CrowdRise to make donations to their charities of choice” said Christina Selter of HerHighway.

Together the women of HerHighway can still help other women along the way with LJ!!!

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