Dani Tsoncheva Research Associate Manager>

Dani Tsoncheva currently the Research Associate Manager with AutoTrader.com was originally from Bulgaria. She graduated with an MBA degree from the University of Georgia in 2003. Worked as a research analyst at Millward Brown, a leading marketing research provider. Started with AutoTrader.com in 2008 supporting marketing research for AutoTrader Classics and then expanding her responsibilities to the main AutoTrader.com brand as well as recently acquired subsidiaries like Kelley Blue Book.

As a woman what features are your favorites in a car?
Mounted volume control is BIG for me, this was the only requirement I had when I was shopping for my last car J. I also like built-in NAV system, 6-CD changer, large glove compartment, and MP3 player connectivity.

Why does the auto industry seem like a difficult environment for females?
It may seem difficult but it’s surprising how many women work in this industry. One reason is because in the past women were not supposed to be dealing with cars, this was a man’s job. Nowadays, though, there are a lot of women who are car enthusiasts, who fix cars, race cars and are into cars in general. Although it’s still considered a man’s environment, the car industry is changing and becoming more accepting of women who are intelligent, driven and business-savvy, although they may not be “car nuts”.

Why did you want to work in the auto industry?
I didn’t specifically want to work in the auto industry, it just so happened. I like AutoTrader.com because it’s a rare combination between several industries and categories: automotive, website, e-commerce, advertising. In the past 3.5 years here I’ve learned a lot about the automotive industry – shoppers, dealers, OEMs, it’s fascinating how different this world is once you get to know it in more detail. Now I’m a lot more confident car shopper and if that’s not a perk, what else is.

First automotive job?
This is my first automotive job, Research Associate Manager at AutoTrader.com

Proudest professional achievement?
There are many but maybe the proudest one is winning the Marketing Department MVP award. It is so gratifying to be recognized by your peers and makes you even more motivated to give more and more to this great company and team.

Current challenge at work?
How to find time to do everything on my list and still keep up with the ever-changing automotive industry developments.

Dream job?
Owner of a pet hotel or anything that has to do with animals or environment protection

What you do to relax?
Lots of outdoors activities; hiking, kayaking, running. I’m also a foodie, so I like checking out different cuisines. My best new friend is Kindle, so now I’m doing lots of reading on the topic of happiness.