Jo Coddington "Need For Speed">

Having the rare opportunity to be introduced to the Automotive, Racing world at a young age has granted me many opportunities, one very near my heart was being the proud life partner of Boyd Coddington. With his creative genius and amazing skills we worked, loved and played in the Hot Rod world for 12 years, having such amazing opportunities to travel around the world, meet people and see the wonders of the world. I now have been granted another unique opportunity to assist people with fuel millage, lower downtime for maintenance and provide a cleaner environment for my grand children.

Who have you mentored, or/and did someone mentor you in this industry to help you get started?
My Father was and is still my Mentor, as long as I can recall I have been in the shop with him sleeping on a creeper with a fender cover for warmth, learning the ropes from who I considered a master craftsman.  Later in life I was told stories how I would try my hand with body tools on my Mother’s new Cadillac.

My Father was a Late model stock car driver in the mid-western states.  He also crewed for Dewayne Louis “Tiny” Lund and Benny Parsons cars in Daytona.  At six years of age, my Father built a go-cart, started training me and teaching me competitive racing in local races.  My passion grew from that point, I began racing in sand drag’s, hill climbs, off road racing, being filmed on Wild World of Sports, and I was driving for three different men.  My racing career was put to a halt as I became a mother.  But the passion always burned inside.  My late husband built a salt flat car for me and fueled my passion once again, his untimely death has placed my racing to the side but the car and I will return to achieve what he and I set out to do, which is set a world record in a 1929 eco-tech, blown, gas, roadster!

As a woman what features are your favorites in a car?
How it looks, how it sits and how it sounds!

Why does the auto industry seem like a difficult environment for females?
The automotive industry has predominately been  male dominated.  I do not believe that women have been taken seriously in the automotive industry up until the past ten years.   In the aftermarket industry, most women that are involved are considered “Car Girls” and are more excepted

Why did you want to work in the auto industry?
I have always eaten, breathed, and consumed everything automotive!  It is truly my passion, my culture and way of life!

First automotive job?
My Fathers Repair shop after school and on weekends.  Running parts, cleaning parts, and being forced to maintain my own vehicle by my father.  He has always felt if you drive it, you break it, you better know how to fix it’!

Proudest professional achievement?
Building the business with Boyd, my late husband, meeting so many amazing people in the industry and being able to hire special needs adults to assist us in the day to day work at the shop.

Current challenge at work?
I am in the diesel powered industry, new business development.  The Company that I am employed with is a small publically traded company in the diesel fuel additive side, transmission additive and anti-wear lubricants.  My path seems to be paved with “snake oil salesmen” so my challenge it to prove that our company does have products that are what we claim they are.

Dream job?
To have an aftermarket shop again, or be involved in stylizing a vehicle just for “car girls and their families”

What sports or activities did you enjoy in school or/and currently?
In school I played fast pitch softball, and raced on weekends, I currently have a salt flat car and will make a record run before I am satisfied!

What you do to relax?
Watch racing, go to car shows, cooking, enjoying family time