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Lala Castro is an entrepreneur & Internet visionary with a wide array of expertise in social media, e-commerce, branding, community outreach, influencer/blogger outreach, event management and many other facets of business development and online marketing. LaLa leads an innovative and fast-growing social media department at GigaSavvy, a full-spectrum digital marketing firm. LaLa is also extremely active in her community, working with and supporting a number of local organizations. She aims to inspire anyone who has a passion and connect him or her with others who have similar interests.

How excited or why are your participating with HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness? 

I’m honored to support such a great cause like Breast Cancer Awareness.  Breast cancer unfortunately has affected 4 of my family members, three survivors and lost one.  I can’t help to wonder if my sisters or I would be next?  By supporting a cause like this and by getting involved, it gives me some type of comfort to know that I can prevent or be educated enough to get through it if I, my sisters, friend or anyone I care for get infected by breast cancer.  But for this campaign, I dedicate my involvement to my aunt, who passed away last year.

As a woman what features are your favorites in a car?  It has to be the way a car can handle a curve. It has to feel secure, safe and smooth.  Service alerts, dual temperature control & built-in GPS are always a plus too.

What is your proudest social media achievement?

It has to be when I brought worldwide awareness to a client’s event that many didn’t realize they had every year.  It top trended on Twitter for three hours, worldwide, organically.  I had only one week to strategize and organize the event & it was a huge unexpected success.

What is your current challenge at work? 

Wanting to do it all.

What is your top advice to other women for social media?

Be transparent, passionate and yourself.  Always keep yourself up to date on what’s going on now, as the Internet & social media is constantly evolving.  Knowledge is power and always challenge yourself.

Dream job? 

I’m living it.

What you do to relax? 

I enjoy Netflix, pj’s and my favorite glass of bubbly.  If I’m treating myself, I’ll throw in a cupcake. 😉

Who have you mentored, or/and did someone mentor you in social media to help you get started? 

I fell into social media by need, I ran an ecommerce jewelry website and didn’t have a budget for marketing.  I would engage in forums, chatboards or any community platforms where I learned to build relationships & built trust for consumers to want to shop from me. Then came MySpace and the rest is history.  So I guess entrepreneurship & the need to grow my business lead me to social media?  Now I consult/train corporate brands the importance of Social Media & how to build customer loyalty from relationship building.

To learn more about Lala visit her on twitter, facebook, G+, pinterest and linkedin