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Veteran writer/journalist Ronda Racha Penrice and author of African American History For Dummies is the Atlanta Regional Editor of UPTOWN Magazine as well as the television/entertainment writer for The Atlanta Voice and a regular contributor to Her automotive lifestyle reviews appear on, and

How excited or why are your participating with HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness? Although I have not been personally affected by breast cancer, I am compassionate for my sisters who have. As a Black woman, I do know that Black women get breast cancer in lesser numbers than women of other races but tend to die at higher rates so my participation in the HerHighway Drive Breast Cancer Awareness is exactly that: to bring awareness.

As a woman what features are your favorites in a car?

I must say that I admire design and interiors.

What is your proudest social media achievement?

I can’t say that I have a specific one but having some of the people I admire follow me on Twitter is pretty darn cool.

What is your current challenge at work?

It’s the same challenge as always—personal balance and getting the respect [and checks] I’m due but that pales in comparison to the rewards.

What is your top advice to other women for social media?

Social media is your friend.

Dream job?

My dream job is to do all that I do now—write, speak, travel, plan events, help mainstream African American history and culture—just bigger and more lucratively.

What you do to relax?


Who have you mentored, or/and did someone mentor you in social media to help you get started?

I don’t know if I was mentored as much in getting into social media but my friend Jana Hicks definitely helps me a lot along the way.

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