Scott Killeen "Flash">

Publisher/Photographer Scott Killeen is the mastermind behind BUILD BOOK, a series of publications that follow the build of a custom vehicle from concept to reality. Before starting this venture with wife and automotive journalist BJ Killeen, Scott was the Director of Photography for Buckaroo Communications, photographing and overseeing the photographic content for over 10 enthusiast magazines, such as Hot Compact and Imports, American Rodder, Street Rod Builder, and many more.

Scott Killeen began his photographic career in 1976. He ran his own black and white film lab, and went on to assist a variety of Hollywood photographers, as well as concentrate on studio work. His focus has been on automobiles, and he worked as a photographer for Petersen Publishing Company for 11 years. During that time he has photographed close to 1,000 covers for Motor Trend, Hot Rod Magazine, Car Craft, Chevy-Hi Performance and others. He also has done freelance photography for most of the major automotive manufacturers, including all the divisions at General Motors, Chrysler, Volvo, Kia, Hyundai, and others.

Scott is also a National Geographic award-winning photographer for his whale nature photography.

As a good husband and savvy business partner, Scott helps BJ with photography on automotive and lifestyle articles, including special inserts for Los Angeles Magazine, Car and Driver, and other well-known publications.