Zack Klapman Contributor & TST "Resident Angry Man">

Zack Klapman’s addiction to cars was evident when he received a Hot Wheels Design Activity Kit, and used up every template and spare scrap of paper in one day, even drawing on the very box the kit came in. In high school he rebuilt the motor from his 1965 Pontiac Le Mans using Ford and Chevy repair manuals (this was pre-internet forums). Miraculously, it worked. He wanted to be an automotive designer, but didn’t realize it until his 3rd year of college at University of Colorado Boulder, which has no industrial design program. So he graduated with a degree in Communications, and left with the dream of becoming an automotive journalist.

Since then he became a writer for, currently the Senior Editor plus wrote and produced segments of “The Car Show” on SPEED, and currently films and produces shows for YouTube’s automotive channel, the /DRIVE Network.