Cooper Tires Shop for Tires Like You Shop for Shoes>

More and more automotive centers and manufacturers, like the folks at Cooper Tire, are taking notice that women are often the ones bringing the family vehicle in for service, repairs, and new tires. As a result, Cooper has been adjusting its marketing efforts to better connect with women.

According to Julie Smalstig, Marketing Director Cooper Tire North America division, “females bring different, brand new perspectives to the automotive category that are good, but often different than the traditional way of thinking and doing things.”

A quick visit to their website Cooper Tire and you’ll notice a softer more sensitive approach. “We just launched a new brand message with the phrase “Life’s A Roadtrip. Come On, Let’s Go,” Smalstig Said. “It is a refreshing brand message to consumers because it’s framed in their own words.”

With this new theme, the brand is emphasizing that, unlike companies that make tires for cars and trucks, Cooper makes tires for people and their unique lifestyles. “It truly is not about what your tires can do – it is about what you can do on your Cooper Tires,” Smalstig explains.

Cooper may not be as well known as Goodyear or Michelin, but the brand has a great track record for high quality, innovative tires. Cooper was among the first tire makers to engineer a line of tires (called GFE) that are specifically designed to improve fuel economy. Their unique technology reduces rolling resistance – helping you go a little farther on each tank of gas.

So the next time you need to put some new shoes on your car, think of Cooper Tires, because they are thinking you and your life’s roadtrip. And they want to be a part of it — not just along for the ride.