How Febreze Saved My Carpool Pleasantly Fresh>

My husband is an avid surfer, so there’s always surfing gear (and plenty of sand) in the back of his SUV. You know, stuff like surfboards, towels, and wetsuits.  His passion for surfing doesn’t usually affect our carpool, because I rarely have to use his Ford Explorer, unless my car is at the dealer for service. And that’s exactly what happened the other day.

When my daughter and I got into his car, we were greeted by the distinctive stink of a mildewed wetsuit. Yuck!  Apparently the wetsuit had slipped down to the floor behind the second and third rows of seats, so it didn’t get rinsed and hung as it normally would.  I removed the offensive wetsuit, but that smell was lingering and were supposed to pick up three other teenage girls in our carpool and get them to the middle school.

Thank goodness for Febreze!  I ran into the house and grabbed the Febreze and after a few pumps of the spray bottle, the entire interior of the Explorer had a pleasantly fresh, clean scent. We were out the driveway on our way to pick up kids in seconds flat, and we didn’t have to worry about that embarrassing odor.

Febreze is truly a remarkable product, and it’s a necessity if you have pets…or wet towels and wetsuits in your vehicle or garage. I like to give the sofa and drapes a quick touch-up with Febreze about once a month…or right before having houseguests.

Febreze comes in eight wonderful scents:

Fresh & Clean




Lavender Vanilla & Comfort

Fruity & Refreshing



Just a few quick blasts from the Febreze spray bottle, and your carpet, sofa, drapes, bedding or car interior will instantly smell 100% better. Best of all, Febreze backs their products with a money-back guarantee. So if you’re not yet a fan of Febreze, you can try it risk free.