MyFord Touch More Than a Touch of Automotive Technology>

Today we have endless sources of information and entertainment in our daily lives…and in our cars! From hands-free mobile phones, satellite navigation and satellite radio, to automatic climate control, MP3 music players and rear seat DVD systems: is it possible to use them without being distracted?

The engineers at Ford believe the answer is “yes,” pointing to the intuitive capabilities of its MyFord Touch system. This innovative driver interface has been evolving for years. In 2007, Ford collaborated with Microsoft to introduce Sync — a system that integrates Bluetooth connectivity and voice-activated control over navigation, audio systems and more.

In 2010, Ford raised the bar with MyFord Touch, redesigning vehicle dashboards around the capabilities of Sync. MyFord Touch is a true infotainment machine that connects to just about any device, including Apple components. In addition to hands-free phoning, and voice activated navigation, the system’s features now include video playback, photo backgrounds imported via SD card, control over ambient lighting, and to access to the Internet by plugging in a 3G/4G modem or simply by parking the car in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The new MyTouch system also gives the driver three different ways to control in-vehicle electronics: touch screen display, controllers on the steering wheel – or voice-activated controls. As a result, each driver can choose the method that works best for their individual preferences. That flexibility is one of the reasons Ford’s MyTouch system was declared best new automotive technology during the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. It’s automotive technology that you simply must see…and touch for yourself.