Geri Brin Founder and Editor>, Founder and Editor Geri Brin was born on March 8, 1947, She was one of the first babies who were later designated “boomers.” Over 50 million strong, we are the smartest, most accomplished and most active women in history. She should know. She has been around women like this her whole life.

Now that she is Fab Over Fifty, she wanted to create a website where our dynamic generation of women could share our singular style, our exceptional experiences and our brilliant recommendations. She launched in February, 2010. To see Geri’s full bio visit her blog.

HerHighway’s Editor in Chief Christina Selter finally got to meet Geri Brin for an interview regarding how she succeeded in the fashion industry and how boomer generation of women can be FabOverFifty. The sound bites from the interview are coming soon so stay tuned, but for now enjoy some of the Q&A below.

Who have you mentored? Did someone mentor you to help you get started?
I feel awkward calling myself a “mentor” because it always sounds a bit uppity to me, but I’ve passed on my knowledge to many young editors and salespeople during the last 35 plus years and have been rewarded to see them enjoy wonderful success in their careers. One of my first mentors, Mary Merris, was a wonderful editor at Fairchild Publications, who also became a close friend. She was demanding and set the bar high, but she demanded as much from herself as she did from her employees.

First job?
My first full-time job out of college was as an assistant editor for Where Magazine, which was (and still is) distributed free in hotels across the country (and now world) to help tourists navigate a city for eating, shopping and sightseeing.

Proudest professional achievement?
Always my latest, which is having launched two years ago for, by and about the marvelous women of my generation.

Current challenge at work?
Keeping the website vibrant every single day and increasing its membership, of course.

Dream job?
Being able to do exactly what I’m doing now, without the pressure of having to make money. If I won a multi-million dollar lottery, I’d continue doing just what I’m doing, but wouldn’t worry about “selling” programs on the site.

What sports or activities did you enjoy in school or/and currently?
I am, woefully, not an athletic type. I did like volleyball in high school. I took Iyengar yoga for the last few years and now I’m learning Pilates (again). I took tennis lessons when I was around 7, and wish I had continued, but I hated them then because my father made me do it and I was a chunky kid who hated running after the ball.

What you do to relax?
Knitting relaxes me. It doesn’t take a lot of brain power but the results are fantastic. Walking my dog is also relaxing, especially on a beautiful day when I can window shop on Madison Avenue.