Lowe’s Can Install It If You Don’t Feel Like Doing it Yourself>

Women love to buy things to beautify our homes and gardens. But when it comes to installing those items, we may not always have the time, the right tools, or a handy man around the house to get it done. So it’s nice to know that the people at Lowe’s are always ready to step in and help. Lowe’s installers are carefully screened, licensed and committed to the highest standards.

Whether your installation needs involve simple bathroom fixtures, high-tech appliances, new kitchen cabinets, flooring or granite countertops, there’s no need to pour through the yellow pages or search all over town for the right installers. Lowe’s has installation experts for just about everything under the sun. The last thing they want is for you to ruin a perfectly good manicure. Here’s a sampling of their “Can-Do” installation list:

~  Carpeting

~  Ceramic and stone tile

~  Laminate flooring

~  Interior / exterior doors

~  Replacement windows, shutters and blinds

~  Interior / exterior lighting

~  Air conditioners and water heaters

~  Water softening and filtration systems

~  Toilets

~  Bath and shower enclosures

~  Patio cover and decks

~  Roofing and siding

~  Rain Gutters

So if you’re thinking about some home improvement projects, and you’d rather not do it yourself, call or stop by your nearest Lowe’s. In addition to carrying a huge selection of quality tools from Stanley, Black & Decker and other top brands, they guarantee* the workmanship of their installation services. Find out more by visiting the Lowe’s website and clicking on the Help Center tab.

* All installation services are guaranteed by Lowe’s warranty. Professional installation available through independent contractors licensed and registered where applicable.