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Maaco Did a Great Makeover to My Honda Accord>

I love my 2005 Honda Accord, but after more than six years of parking it on the street, the paint color was starting to fade and lose its shine. My trusty Accord had also accumulated a few door dings and scratches over time. Since the car still runs great and probably will for years to come, I decided to look into getting it painted.

After getting estimates of over $1,000 from other body shops, I found a Maaco collision repair and auto painting shop about 10 minutes from my office. The friendly service adviser at Maaco checked out my car’s paint and minor body damage, and wrote up an estimate that was about a third of the price the other shops quoted me to paint my entire car. So I made an appointment to bring the car in the following week.

When I returned to Maaco to pick up my car after its “makeover,” I was amazed at how good it looked. The color was a close match to the original factory paint, and the minor bodywork was undetectable. I spent almost $400, but I know if I decide to sell the car or trade it in, my Accord will be worth way more now than before the new paint job. And the paint and bodywork are covered by a warranty honored at all of Maaco’s nearly 500 locations nationwide.

So if your old car needs a makeover, or you’ve been in a fender bender, you could save some money and get your car looking like new again by going to Maaco. Maaco has been in business since 1972 and have painted over 16 million vehicles. To find a Maaco near you, and learn more about their paint and collision repair services, visit their website.