Mission: HerHighway is a team of female automotive and lifestyle experts on a mission to empower women with bumper-to-bumper automobile knowledge and everything along the way.

About HerHighway: Just like the roads we travel in life — tight and curvy, long and straight — there are huge differences in the way women and men think, act and perceive the world around us. That’s why the leading female automotive expert, was inspired to establish HerHighway.

HerHighway’s bumper-to-bumper automotive reviews, tips and feature articles created expressly for women…by women. That’s what makes us such a refreshing detour in a male-dominated world. After all, would you trust a man to understand what’s intimately important to you when it comes to your personal preferences and buying decisions? That would be an emphatic “no.”

HerHighway’s Editor in Chief Christina Selter, is a nationally-recognized automotive and safety expert, she has been featured in more than 2,000 national and local newscasts, international press conferences and automobile trade shows around the country.

HerHighway.com does not endorse the featured products, services or brands on the HerHighway web site.

Disclosure: Vehicles are borrowed for test drives and review, HerHighway is not paid by any automotive company for reviews or test drives.  HerHighway does not allow advertising by automotive brands on the website.  Other lifestyle products are supplied for review, however product brands do not pay for review or advertising on HerHighway. 

The FTC requires bloggers be transparent if they are being paid for a review.  HerHighway also attends vehicle launch events at times brands supply food, transportation and travel accommodations, but does not pay HerHighway to review any of the hotels, food, locations we just happen to post photos, video of everything along the way to share our experiences with you in hopes it may help you plan your next trip.  HerHighway has a blog section however is  not a blogger we are automotive journalists and a member of TAWA, MAMA and MPG. 

HerHighway re-posts some articles for bloggers as a favor and does not receive payment or pay bloggers for articles or content.  Other journalists, bloggers and social media posts on the HerHighway site also may have borrowed the vehicles to test drive.

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