2011 Ford F150 Harley Davidson It’s a His and Hers Pick-up>

Have you noticed the trend: more women than ever are driving pick-up trucks. And they’re looking good sitting in the cab — toting their precious cargo or just heading to the gym or the mall. But as we all know, not all pick-up trucks are created equally. And there may not be a truck on the market that equals the luxury, prestige and performance of the 2011 Ford F150 Harley Davidson edition.

Simply stated, this truck has it all. We’re talking big horsepower and heavy towing capabilities for your horse trailer, boat, or your family’s off-road toys. But it also doubles as a luxury car, with its four doors and loads of interior space. The rear seats in the F-150 Harley fold down to create a flat and spacious load floor. This leaves ample room to stow a major shopping spree, a flat screen TV, golf clubs, beach chairs and many other lifestyle necessities.

This special F-150 puts real giddy-up in a pickup truck, thanks to a 6.2-liter V8 with 411 horsepower. Beyond being big and fast, this special edition F-150 has one of the nicest interiors we’ve ever seen in a truck. If you like Gucci and Coach leather goods and accessories, you’ll love the look and feel of the top quality leather that surrounds you in this artfully finished truck.

There is also a ton of sexy technology, including Ford’s SYNC voice command feature that interfaces with the navigation system, Mp3 players and smart phones. An the nifty Travel Link feature gives live updates for weather, sports, news and more. To find the nearest sushi restaurant or steak house, you don’t need an address. Ford’s intuitive interface will help you locate it.

Women like to feel safe. The F-150 Harley edition has a full complement of airbags to ensure that you and your crew are well protected. Plus, the rear mounted camera and massive side mirrors help guide you safely while backing up and parking. As the saying goes: there’s more to life than good gas mileage. Because it’s big, heavy, powerful and handsome, the F-150 Harley edition averages an EPA estimated 12 mpg in the city and 16 highway.

Even women who never imagined owning a truck might fall in love with the hunky, Ford F-150 Harley Davidson edition. It’s attractive, a pleasure to drive and very luxurious. And it’s bound to give a lot of male motorists a serious case of truck envy. Check out pricing, options, and more specifications by clicking here. Thanks for visiting Her Highway!

Test driven and edited by Christina Selter