2011 Range Rover HSE Sport Personality, Ego, Social Status>

Let’s face it. The automobile you drive is often a reflection of your personality, ego, social status, and lifestyle. Get behind the wheel of the 2011 Range Rover Sport HSE, and your fellow motorists have no choice but to assume that you’re near the top of your game…whatever that game might be! At the risk of sounding shallow, everyone becomes more attractive and alluring behind the wheel of the Range Rover Sport HSE. Of all the crossovers and SUVs on the market, few can match its upscale styling, performance and overall quality. Pricing starts at $60,495, but if you have the means, this big rugged, and ultra-luxurious SUV is an automotive delight.

For the driver, this Rover surrounds you in luxury and premium quality materials. The leather in the ergonomically engineered seating is on par with the upholstery in the most opulent homes on earth. The exotic wood accents add to the visual splendor, and just about everything you see and touch has that distinctive feel of uncompromising quality.

But the Range Rover Sport doesn’t just look the part. It drives like a dream whether on smooth pavement or sloppy and rugged terrain. An advanced steering system provides variable feedback based on driving style. The four-corner air suspension amazingly soaks up bumps and potholes. And even though the HSE’s a solid, 5,500-pound utility vehicle, its responsive handling more than justifies having the word Sport in its name.

In the Range Rover Sport, you may have found the ultimate shopping-mobile. It has 33.8 cubic feet of rear cargo space, or 71 cubes if you stow the second row seats. And if your girlfriends in the back seat need to cool down after aerobics or a day at the beach, the Rover’s dual zone automatic climate control system is a breeze. For longer trips Range Rover offers an optional electric cool bag that plugs into a 12-volt auxiliary socket. The 15-inch by 8.66-inch container keeps up to 14 liters of food and beverages cool and fresh for your troops along the way.

In terms of safety, the Range Rover Sport cuts no corners. As you’d expect, it comes with a full compliment of front, side, and side curtain airbags. The navigation system will guide you safely to where you want to go. And when you’re parking or backing up, it’s nice to know the rear-view camera looking out for you…and any pets or children that might be scurrying about.

The Range Rover Sport is a very attractive vehicle both inside and out. Its many luxurious amenities, comfortable ride and responsive handling place it near the top of its class. Get more options, pricing and dealer availability information by clicking here.