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2012 BMW 335i Put More Sport in Your Sports Sedan>

When your rally cry is “the ultimate driving machine,” you’d better step up and deliver. After test piloting the 2012 BMW 335i, the auto experts at Her Highway concurred that the legendary German carmaker has hit its mark once again.

Since its inception, BMW’s 3-series has been the brand’s best seller. That’s because this compact sports sedan simply has it all — style, performance, luxury, fuel efficiency, and prestige — smartly engineered into one handsome package. While some of the single and younger urban professional ladies might consider the sportier coupe, we loved the added room and back seat accessibility of the 335i four-door sedan.

As one of the pioneers of the Euro sports sedan, BMW takes many of the performance characteristics developed in its racing programs and transfers it to the factories that produce these fine passenger cars. Under the hood of the new 335i is a 3-liter inline six cylinder that produces 300 horsepower. That’s a lot for a compact sedan. The 335i comes standard with a six-speed manual transmission that’s overwhelmingly preferred by sports car geeks. But the upgraded 8-speed automatic channels all that power smoothly while doing all the shifting for you. It’s easier on your designer shoes!

If you’ve got a 335i in your garage, you know your girlfriends are going to designate you as the driver on those “girls nights out.”  The cabin is elegantly appointed. The leather seats are comfortable and supportive, and the entertainment system is pure delight. There’s a simple control knob on the console that provides easy access and selection to BMWs Evolved iDrive infotainment technology. Also located on the console is a button that lets you transform your BMW into “sport” mode, making the throttle more responsive and suspension a bit…well…sportier.

And while you’re out chasing or being chased by all those George Clooney and Brad Pitt look-alikes, you’ll still be getting pretty good gas mileage. The 2012 335i is rated at 23-mpg city and 33 highway with the 8-speed automatic. These fuel friendly numbers are partly attributable to BMW’s new automatic start-stop feature, which shuts down the engine during long idling pauses, like red lights, and restarts when you either push in the clutch pedal (for manual transmissions) or take your foot off the brake pedal. One of our favorite features…the trunk lid springs wide open when you hit the latch, which is nice when your hands are loaded down with bags from Nordstrom, Coach, and Gucci.

On the new BMW 335, the steering feels balanced and responsive, the braking system instills confidence, and the car’s cornering capabilities are phenomenal. But what else would you expect from the ultimate driving machine? Click here to preview all your options and dealer pricing.

Written by: HerHighway Staff Contributor and Editor Christina Selter