2012 Honda Civic Hybrid Practically Fun!>

Have you ever talked to a friend or acquaintance who owned an Accord or Civic and wasn’t happy with their automotive relationship?  While that may be possible, it’s not very likely…especially if that friend or acquaintance is the owner of the 2012 Civic Hybrid Sedan.

This aerodynamic little four-door is surprisingly spacious on the inside. There were four of us — Her Highway editors— cruising comfortably with ample legroom in both front and back seats. This “little compact that could” was easy to parallel park on the street during our pit stop at Starbucks. And its clean and sporty bodylines are  easy on the eyes.  We came up with our own catch-phrase during our road test; we dubbed the Civic Hybrid as being “practically fun.”

In these times of escalating gasoline prices, hybrid-electric vehicles are becoming more popular and desirable. And rightly so!  While the Civic Hybrid isn’t going to fulfill the acceleration demands of a muscle car or turbo sedan owner, there’s a lot to love about being able to zip from town to town at an economical fuel burn rate of up to 44 miles per gallon — for city and highway driving!  Plus with its rack-and-pinion steering and front Macpherson Strut Suspension, the Civic Hybrid’s cornering and road manners were nimble and responsive.

Ladies…(and gentlemen who refuse to ask for directions) you’ll never get lost driving the Civic Hybrid equipped with Honda’s Satellite-Linked Navigation System with Voice Recognition.  For directions to your destination, all it takes is a voice command and you’re on your way — with turn-by-turn directions. The system recognizes numbers, street names, and cities and responds to about 600 standard voice commands.

Another cool techie feature that allows you to keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road ahead is the Civic Hybrid’s Bluetooth Hands-Free Link. The steering wheel mounted controls make chatting while you drive a whole lot easier and safer.  You might want to turn the volume down on the optional XM Satellite Radio if you’re gossiping and don’t want to miss any juicy details.

Sure it’s a compact car.  But the Civic Hybrid is packed with safety features. It’s engineered with reinforced Side-Impact Door Beams, plus front and rear crumple zones designed to absorb much of the energy during a collision.  Up front, driver and passenger are protected by advanced, dual-stage airbags,  side airbags, plus side curtain airbags.

The 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid sedan has an impressive list of standard and optional bells and whistles.  Rather than having us chime in and tell you about them, click this handy link and you’ll be redirected to the Honda website where you can browse at your leisure. If you’re practical and fun, you’re going to like what the Civic Hybrid has to offer.

HerHighway Staff Contributor, Editor Christina Selter