2012 Hyundai Veloster A Sporty Forty MPGs!>

With a lot of today’s cars, you have to sacrifice a little fuel economy in order to gain real sports car handling. But the 2012 Hyundai Veloster is a pretty slick little package that does a nice job of delivering both, including up to 40 mpg! The money you save on gas zipping to and from your office or favorite retail hangouts can be allocated to more important things…like shoes!

How does the new Veloster achieve EPA mileage estimates of 28 mpg city and up to 40 on the highway? To start with, the vehicle weighs only about 2740 pounds and is very aerodynamic. That makes the job a lot easier for the 1.6-liter inline four-cylinder engine under the hood. With 138 horsepower, front wheel drive, and a choice of either a six-speed manual transmission or Hyundai’s exclusive dual-clutch gearbox with nifty paddle shifters, the Veloster’s drive train is fine-tuned for gas sipping.

In addition to saving you money at the gas pump, the new Veloster has a very sleek distinctive and look that’s sure to turn some heads. It sits low to the ground and has unique three-door set-up (passenger side rear seat access side) with wide muscular fenders and a cute rear-end.

The interior is equally sexy. The bucket style seats are comfortable and supportive for when the roads turn twisty. Six standard airbags are ready to protect you and your passengers in a collision. Drop the 60-40 rear seat, and you can stow a hefty load (34.7 cubic feet) from Sears, Target, Macy’s or wherever.

There’s an optional moon roof that invites a lot of natural lighting into the cabin, and standard 7-inch touch screen controls a variety of instrument functions with really cool graphics. Hyundai’s standard Blue Link telematics system integrates an impressive list of emergency and on-board diagnostic features. Upgrade to the available Tech Package, and you can outfit your Veloster with navigation, back-up camera, and a mind blowing 450-watt stereo system with eight speakers and XM radio.

Although its name sounds a lot like velocity, the new Veloster doesn’t have blistering acceleration, needing about 8.8 seconds to get from zero to 60 mph. But the folks at Hyundai believe that the car’s sporty good looks, fun handling and exceptional fuel economy will win over plenty of compact car shoppers. We agree! Plus the base MSRP is only about $17,300. Take a closer look at this unique and sporty hatchback, including all available colors and options by clicking here.

Written by: HerHighway Staff Contributor and Editor Christina Selter