2012 Infiniti G37 6MT Get Your Shift Together>

Any sports car purist will tell you that a true sport sedan absolutely must have a manual transmission, period. And we happen to agree wholeheartedly! Recently, the editors from HerHighway were excited to get a chance to get our SHIFT together and buckle into the Infiniti G37 6MT — a real sport sedan — with a real clutch pedal and 6-speed manual gearbox.

Sure, there are times when a manual transmission can be a pain in the asphalt (bumper to bumper traffic, stop lights on steep hills, etc.). But if you love to drive and take control over your sport sedan’s RPMs and be able to freely utilize its gears when up-shifting or down shifting, then a manual transmission is the ticket – in a figurative sense of the word. And the way we drove the G37 6MT, we’re lucky we didn’t get flagged for that other type of ticket!

Even though it doesn’t have a turbo or supercharger, the G37’s dual overhead cam V-6 engine produced 328 horsepower. Can you say “exhilarating acceleration?” You have to admit it’s way more fun to get a little tire burnout in a rear-wheel drive sport sedan than a front-wheel drive car.  While other reviewers were mixed on the G37’s engine noise as it revved to deliver its power and speed, we thought it added to the sporty experience of this sleek 4-door sedan.


While it’s not as luxurious as some of the German and Swedish competitors in its class, the 2012 G37 also doesn’t cost nearly as much. Plus it still comes with a very respectable list of standard features: power sunroof, power tilt-and-telescoping steering column,  automatic dual zone climate control, navigation with weather and traffic updates, Bose Audio system, Bluetooth, Sirius XM Satellite Radio with free 3-month subscription, USB port, Rearview Camera, automatic HID headlights and LED tail lights…and rear seating is perfect for the dogs!

2012-Infiniti-G37-sexy-shoe-herhighwayWe loved the exterior styling and smooth elegant bodylines of the G37. Plus the 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels outfitted with Bridgestone Potenza performance tires did a great job of gripping the road — even with Christina trying to coax the sport sedan into some subtle drifts at San O. Maybe a little more weight in the trunk might have helped…you know…by stuffing the G37’s 13.5 cubic feet of cargo space with some of her heavy duty designer shoes.

All in all, we found the G37 6MT to be a lot of car…and lots of fun for the price. When driven more conservatively, the sport sedan returns fairly good fuel economy too, rated at 17 city and 25 highway MPG. We urge you to take a closer look at this charismatic (but not automatic) sport sedan by clicking here. Choose the colors and accessories that match your mood and get your shift together. We double dog dare ya!

Written by: HerHighway Staff Contributor and Editor Christina Selter