2012 Mercedes Benz SLK Looks Great on Anyone>

Unlike some clingy dresses and skinny jeans that don’t always flatter our figures, the 2012 Mercedes Benz SLK looks good — on anyone! Yes…especially you!  Just pick out your ideal color, put on a complementary shade of lipstick, put the top down and GO!   That’s how the female auto experts at HerHighway like to roll.

The 2012 SLK however, is more than just a cute and sporty little roadster.  This third generation SLK integrates plenty of the world-class German engineering and racing inspired handling characteristics that are the hallmarks of the Mercedes Benz brand.  And it’s all packed so elegantly in a streamlined body design that includes a long bonnet (hood), bold arches over the rear wheels, stylish LED tail lamps and a muscular, wide stance.

Our gorgeous SLK tester was powered by a 3.5-liter V-6 that smoothly churns out 302 horsepower. That’s plenty of get-up-and-go for a two-seater.  The engine propelled the roadster forward — even up steep hills — with a just a little coaxing from the sole of our designer shoes.  Fuel economy is respectable, too.  The V-6 equipped SLK is rated at 20 / 29 for city/highway driving.


Manipulating that quietly purring power is fun, too, thanks to the paddle shifters that allow fingertip control over the SLK’s seven-speed automatic transmission.  It simply doesn’t get much better than strapping yourself into the supportive leather bucket seats and flitting around town (or up and down the coastline or local mountains) with the wind in your freshly styled hair and the sun on your tan shoulders.

Drivers and passengers are surrounded by luxury and functional technology in the 2012 SLK.   The navigation system is simple to use.  The HD stereo system pumps out great sounds, and the Bluetooth phone integration makes it a breeze to chat on the fly.  One of our favorite features though was the Mercedes Benz “Airscarf,”  which blows warm air around the backs and necks of the driver and passenger to increase cruising comfort in chilly temps!  When it gets too cold for topless motoring, the SLK converts from an open to a covered cockpit with the push of a button.  There’s also an available photochromic glass roof panel that the driver can darken on command!


As you might expect from a two-passenger roadster, the 2012 SLK packs in the fun especially topless. When the roof is up, cargo space is about 10 cubic feet; and with the top down, you’ll have just about 6.4 cubes to stow the treasures acquired during an excursion to your favorite retail hangouts like Neiman Marcus.  Speaking of shopping…the easiest way to see all the color options, safety features and accessories you can get with your 2012 Mercedes Benz SLK is to click here.

Written by: HerHighway Staff Contributor and Editor Christina Selter