Ladies what does “Luxury Vehicle” mean to you? A Trunk Full of Shoes>

One word “Luxury” in a vehicle means rear and side view mirrors that make us look younger and slimmer, but we’re still waiting for these to be engineered.  In the mean time, today’s female drivers want luxury in their vehicles “what does that mean” don’t bother asking men because they never know what women want, so it’s a good thing Chrysler has so many female engineers.

The floodgates have opened luxury…it’s such a beautiful notion on its own. But when paired to the word vehicle, it puts into motion a cascade of mental images and expectations for all the things that define a car’s style, creature comforts and convenience features.

HerHighway selections for a luxury vehicle exterior it must evoke a true sense of style and prestige, like the new Chrysler 200C Luxury series — with its chrome accents and elegant bodylines.

No women wants Pa-dunk-a-dunk unless we are referring to the vehicles trunk space then its as much as you can get for your serious collection of brand new designer shoes!

Of course these Luxury features:

Smooth, comfortable ride that’s quite and neutralizes outside sounds.

Premium leather heated seats and steering wheel.

Power everything (seats, windows, locks, sunroof) including a drive train with muscle to leave mediocrity in the dust (without punishing us at the gas pump).

High quality soft touch materials on the dashboard and interior panels

Full complement of the latest automotive convenience and safety features (side curtain airbags, navigation, satellite radio, built-in Bluetooth connection, back-up camera).

Lets not forget the lighted vanity mirror so we can touch up our L’Oreal Endless Kissable Lipcolor. The gloss coat is like clear vinyl but heavy, like wearing a wet raincoat in a stuffy room.

HerHighway concurred that a true “luxury vehicle” would offer all of these features and more including the trunk full of designer shoes.

Written by: HerHighway Staff Contributor and Editor Christina Selter