She with the most Power & Control WINS Vehicle Performance>

Power and torque are clearly vital to a car’s performance, but you have to be able to harness and control that speed and power — with confidence and poise.  That’s why various handling characteristics ranked high on the HerHighway list of performance attributes that women want.  Of course solid braking, stable cornering (without leaning or drifting), responsive steering, and easy parking were all important criteria when considering overall vehicle performance.

A recent KBB survey shows the average age of the female automotive shopper is 43, and she currently owns two vehicles.  It was also surprising that 31% female car buyers do NOT have children!  So it’s safe to say that women buy more than minivans.

We decided to take survey to the next gear and found the top measures of a vehicle’s overall performance for women is maximum power “horse power” that is.  It doesn’t matter where we’re going — to the office, to the mall, or on family road trip — women want to have plenty of power in their cars.  A little extra automotive muscle also comes in handy when we’re running late, but we always make a grand entrance with our dream boy George Clooney.

In addition to the raw excitement of going fast, we noted that ample horsepower actually adds to a vehicle’s safety. There are many times when swift acceleration is critical — like getting up to freeway speed from a dead stop, or passing that slow guy on a your right.

Four of the Chrysler and Dodge models we drove recently delivered ultimate performance:

Chrysler 300S Hemi V-8 363 HP complemented my black Massimo heels

Red Dodge Charger R/T Hemi V8 370 HP matched my red leopard Candies

Black Dodge Challenger SRT HEMI 392 HP styled with my red Guess heels

In my book performance is power, power is control and whoever has the most power and control outperforms everyone else and wins the race.

Written by: HerHighway Staff Contributor and Editor Christina Selter